The mission of our Greeters Ministry is to encourage and enrich the lives of each person entering the doors of Tower Road Baptist Church by welcoming and supporting them in a positive, friendly, spiritual manner.

The purpose of this ministry is to provide an enthusiastic, positive, spiritual and friendly welcome to each person entering in Tower Road Baptist Church before all worship services and special services. This ministry is committed to: help make every worship experience positive and spiritually up lifting for everyone, at all times. The Greeters ministry is designed to make all visitors and members feel welcome.

The services rendered by the Greeters Ministry shall be to:

    • Welcome each person entering for worship in a friendly, spiritual manner
    • Provide assistance, information and direction to church facilities and services
    • Educate members of the ministry on maintaining positive, spiritual attitudes
    • Support the mission and the goals of the church

Greet ye one another with a kiss of charity. Peace be with you all that are in Christ Jesus.   (1 Peter 5:14)