This is s Christian legal ministry assisting churches with legal matters pertaining to their faith.  They issue a regular newsletter which has a wealth of advice and information for churches and they keep us posted on new government regulations which may hinder our ministries. CLA is a wonderful resource for Christians and churches.

Our church supports them financially through our mission offerings.   Their monthly newsletter, The Legal Alert, is a gold mine of useful and pertinent information, published by godly Christians.   We pin up each newsletter on the bulletin board each month.  In addition to that, they provide free legal defense of those facing difficulties for the Biblical faith;  free legal counsel to churches and Christians for their ministries;  legal seminars for ministries to help prevent lawsuits …. and much, much more.

Here is their contact information:


Phone:  (888) cla-1969

P.O.  Box 4010  Seminole, Fl 33775