Tower Road Baptist Church believes that its purpose for existence is to reach others with the Gospel of Christ.  One of the ways that it endeavors to reach people is through our bus ministry.

Since early 2005, the Bus Ministry of Tower Road Baptist Church has been providing transportation for boys and girls, our special friends, young adults, and the elderly  so that they may attend church where they are taught the Bible in Sunday School by trained and experienced teachers and where they can learn about God’s Word through meaningful Children’s and Adult Worship times.

Our Bus Ministry is a valuable evangelical outreach of our church designed to reach those within our community who would otherwise have no opportunity to attend or be a part of a church family. Numerous people within the community, having no other transportation available, consider themselves as “shut-ins”.  God has blessed these people with spiritual gifts which they are otherwise unable to share within their community.  Tower Road Baptist Church thus sees the Bus Ministry as a valuable outreach tool  that helps to bring the Gospel of Christ into the community, as well as bringing those having valuable spiritual gifts into the church where they can be nourished and developed for service to the Glory of God.

All year long, our Bus Ministry teams are putting their love into action in the name of Jesus. Our buses and vans also provide service to our Vacation Bible School,  teen and youth activities, and Christian Conference travel, to name just a few. Busing also provides a place of service for those who would like to have a meaningful ministry. People from every walk of life join together to keep our buses rolling. We are thankful for the continued, faithful service of our bus ministry workers who typically spend several hours picking-up and dropping-off our bus families from 9 am to 1:30 pm each Sunday.

Tower Road Baptist Church operates buses only in limited areas.  If you would like to ride the bus or explore the possibility of working in the Bus Ministry, you can do so by contacting our Church office at (505) 839-1063.